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How to get an A* in O Level Pakistan Studies

How to get an A* in O Level Pakistan Studies? It’s all about working smart, not hard. I have some nifty tips that you won’t find in any of your textbooks, however. And there are some ways you can implement to secure the top grade in this prestigious exam.

How to get A* in O level Pakistan Studies?

When studying for Pakistan Studies, which is a subject that requires a student to be able to accurately recall and cite specific quotes as well as timelines based on historical events, it’s critical that they review past exams. When reviewing them, you should look over the marking schemes so that you know what kind of answers the graders are looking for rather than trying to guess and hoping that your answer is correct based on how you think it should be scored. Studying will be more beneficial if done with timed tests where you can practice writing answers quickly under pressure. Review all past papers from 2015 and beyond. Pay special attention to questions regarding quotes or the sources used in answering the question.

For Pakistan Studies Paper II, you are to do three questions out of five available. So in theory you can avoid one subject completely! I would recommend sparing Topography (which is detailed and not very common) since it is so long. If an easier topic does come up however, feel free to opt for that instead!

Bonus tip:

This is the best tip I can possibly give you – offer heartfelt prayers before and after taking your exam. Trust me, it’ll boost your grade because having faith in Him will make you understand the value of humility and thereby making you work harder towards a better score as well as enabling you to concentrate more on what’s being taught.

You can’t be too careful, so don’t waste a second and make sure to revise your notes at least once more. You can also attend classes or view online lectures if you’re lacking confidence in certain topics or concepts.
It’s always a good idea to stay true to yourself and never feel like you’re walking on eggshells. So talk about relevant news items and your interests with people who are closest to you! Just remember that you’ve done the best you can up until this point. So, there’s no sense in stressing excessively over the exam. Because it should be something that’s pleasurable for both your mind and body.


This article has come to an end and as promised here is what you need to do to get that A* in Pakistan Studies. I hope the above-mentioned tips have provided you with the information needed to be successful.

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